Greater understanding.

Laying a strong foundation

At the Building Performance Team, we believe that how we do business is every bit as important as what we do. With that in mind, we've developed a set of principles that we adhere to in our work and relationships. They are key to our success... and yours.

  • We will seek the very best solutions for our clients, considering technical, psychological, financial and ethical factors as fully as we are able.
  • We will always tell the truth and will never pretend to be expert or experienced in something unless we are. When we cannot provide the design or implementation expertise needed by our client, we will try to direct them to someone who can.
  • We will always communicate our best understanding of the risks associated with every project or activity.
  • We will always act in such a manner that we can be proud of what we have said and done, and we will never "talk down" a competitor.
  • We will always regard specific design, concept, contact or other information shared by our clients as confidential, so as to give them the fullest possible benefits on their own ideas and information.
  • Mistakes will be rare. When we make a mistake, we will admit it and do our best to correct it.
  • We will always put our goal of treating people with fairness, respect and integrity ahead of financial success.
  • We will promote and encourage these principles with all of our clients and teammates.

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Team 01

1,000,000 sq.ft. Midwest facilty for major automotive parts supplier
When this manufacturer's aging boiler system was in need of either major, costly repair or replacement, they brought in a team of experts to make recommendations for their situation. The BPT team played a major role in surveying the facility, recommending a new HVAC system concept, coordinating the installation with the local contractor and commissioning the new system. Savings dramatically exceeded projections and provided an almost immediate payback on their investment.