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Offering Customized and Comprehensive Solutions

When it comes to optimizing your building's performance, you want to know you've done everything you can to increase efficiency and save on the bottom line. The Building Performance Team offers a suite of services designed to explore nearly every aspect of a facility's energy systems, and we customize solutions to fit your individual needs perfectly.

Whether a building is new, old, or somewhere in between, we ensure that it is running at peak performance. The benefits of this are immense:

  • Enjoy an estimated 20% to 50% Return on Investment
  • Enable greater productivity and better worker health
  • Minimize impact on the environment
  • Lower your overhead

Our services include ensuring that your building's systems are working correctly and optimally, as well as analyzing your building's energy performance and identifying opportunities for making it better. We also provide specialized offerings such as design review, construction oversight, troubleshooting, evaluation and helping you plan how to implement performance improvements. In fact, we like to think of our suite of services as the three legs of a sturdy stool: commissioning, energy auditing and modeling and special services.


Commissioning is, essentially, making sure that your HVAC systems give you what you paid for. We approach commissioning with the keen attention to detail and hands-on investigative skills of a top-flight detective. This involves documenting and verifying that energy systems are performing as they should, and identifying ways they can work even better. Because we believe that you cannot manage what you don't understand, our goal is to make sure that building owners and managers gain a clear and comprehensive picture of how to make a building perform well from economic, environmental and social standpoints.

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Energy Modeling

Our energy modeling services give you the knowledge and confidence you need that your energy systems design will look good not only on paper, but on your utility bills. We use state of the art tools to simulate a building's energy use over the course of a year, and we are recognized nationally for our excellence. This process can help inform the design and decision making process for new buildings, as well as help develop investment priorities for the strategies that will have the greatest effect on future energy use.

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Energy Auditing

Energy auditing is a powerful blend of commissioning and modeling services that gives you the knowledge and confidence you need to fully understand your existing facility's operation and then to take your savings to the bank. We use our broad background and knowledge of HVAC systems to zero in on the key systems and equipment that affect your energy use and performance. We know things are rarely the same as when they were new, or even last year; so we check and test. We also use groundbreaking software tools to calibrate our understanding of energy use in your facility until it matches your utility bills very closely. We can't expect you to invest in our suggestions unless we demonstrate that we understand what's going on in your facility.

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Special Services

Experience runs deep at The Building Performance Team, which enables us to offer versatile services to our clients. These include third party design review, construction oversight, digital controls programming, evaluation, implementation planning, troubleshooting, and communications tools and training. Chances are if it has to do with energy and your building's performance, we can help with it.

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Services 01

100,000 sq.ft. Midwest facility for national metals supplier
This customer adopted a new HVAC system which was recommended by a BPT team member and, using the system's intuitive digital controls, dramatically reduced their energy costs by 25%.

Services 02

500,000 sq.ft. Midwest facility for OEM automotive parts supplier
At several sites, this supplier replaced aging steam heating and ventilation systems with new equipment and technology, reducing their energy costs by over 25%. The new system also now provides greatly improved comfort during both winter and summer. The computer-phobic senior manager of these facilities quickly became a fan, and frequent user, of the specially designed digital management system because of it's simplicity and flexibility.