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HVAC Troubleshooting

Modern HVAC systems are tightly interconnected to optimize performance and energy use. The hard part is to bridge the designer's understanding of how things will work with the owner's actual operation of the systems. Real life is different than anticipated!

Older HVAC systems, while sometimes simpler, often experience "drift". Sensors have gradually drifted out of calibration, the schedule has drifted to more hours of operation than are needed, and other aspects of operation have changed from the original situation.

Whether new or old, there are exceptionally few systems that operate very close to "optimal".

Sometimes you know you have a problem and can't quite determine what is causing it. Other times, something seems amiss (e.g., "Our electric bill seems way too high."), but you're not sure whether it's a real problem. We review your systems in detail, determine what is going on and how it can be improved. Once we have identified problems, we are well-equipped to calculate energy, maintenance or production savings associated with their correction so that you know what the payback will be.

We love this "Sherlock Holmes" effort and are good at it. We also love fixing problems that have eluded a solution and allowing or clients to focus on success in their core business.

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500,000 sq.ft. Midwest facility for OEM automotive parts supplier
At several sites, this supplier replaced aging steam heating and ventilation systems with new equipment and technology, reducing their energy costs by over 25%. The new system also now provides greatly improved comfort during both winter and summer. The computer-phobic senior manager of these facilities quickly became a fan, and frequent user, of the specially designed digital management system because of it's simplicity and flexibility.