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Third Party Design Review (aka “Independent Design Review”) for HVAC systems

When there is a lot on the line, it's common to get a "second opinion". This is most common in the case of health / medical or legal problems , but is equally applicable to HVAC systems that might cost upwards of several million dollars. Even top-notch and experienced design engineers, often required to finish a project in a short time frame, can miss important details or considerations. We provide "fresh eyes" to review a design with broad experience coupled with strong consideration for practicality, cost and maintenance.

We have routinely offered insights and suggestions that have improved operation, reduced cost and avoided significant problems for our clients and can do the same for you.

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500,000 sq.ft. Midwest facility for OEM automotive parts supplier
At several sites, this supplier replaced aging steam heating and ventilation systems with new equipment and technology, reducing their energy costs by over 25%. The new system also now provides greatly improved comfort during both winter and summer. The computer-phobic senior manager of these facilities quickly became a fan, and frequent user, of the specially designed digital management system because of it's simplicity and flexibility.