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Frequently Asked Questions regarding our services

Q: I can evaluate and implement energy savings on my own at lower cost.
Why bother with the BPT?
A: If you've implemented excellent energy management equipment and practices already, congratulations! You don't need us. If you haven't, you're only delaying the benefit to your bottom line – and that delay costs you much more than BPT's reasonable fee. We even offer a ‘Pay us out of actual savings’ option. We can become part of your cost-reduction team at any level of participation that you choose. Why not start saving today! Don't follow the example of those who, through delay, lose the savings for one, two or more years. In many cases, the whole project could have paid for itself in that time.

Q: I don't need the BPT for energy-related assistance, but I do have some annoying HVAC-related problems or questions. Can you help me with those?
A: For most problems and situations, we've "been there, done that" and can quickly let you know how to make noticeable improvements. We'll also include an assessment of the relative costs/benefits for each proposed solution.

Q: How do I determine the amount of my current energy costs?
A: Gather your past bills for electricity and natural gas, or just let us contact your utility companies for your usage history. Either way, we do the work for you, analyzing your bills and providing you with an overview of your energy costs.

Q: I'm not knowledgeable about my heating, cooling or electrical equipment. How will I know if the BPT is "blowing smoke" with their recommendations?
A: If we can't explain it clearly enough for you, in language you understand, we recommend that you do not go any further! However, we pride ourselves on speaking "plain english" when it comes to outlining the solutions we recommend. Alternatively, feel free to have our recommendations reviewed by an independent consultant.

Q: I have no budget for improvements of this sort. Why should I call the BPT at all?
A: You don't need a budget. We can structure each project so that it's paid for out of savings – with no up-front capital required. You may find, though, that the attractive payback will enable internal financing!

Q: How long does it take BPT to determine my savings potential?
A: A typical project can go from start to presentation of savings opportunities in a matter of 3-4 weeks. This is, of course, dependent on the availability of the information needed and your facility's complexity. However, our broad experience enables us to provide very prompt turnaround so that you can begin enjoying your savings quickly!

Q: Are you a "LEED accredited professional"?
A: As part of our commitment to both sustainability and efficiency, Jim Dirkes has passed the certification exam and is a "LEED Accredited Professional". You can confirm this by doing a search for "James Dirkes" at the US Green Building Council Web site.

Q: Have a question we haven't answered?
A: Simply send us an email or call us at 616-450-8653.

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Case Study: 800,000 sq.ft. Midwest facility for major engine manufacturer
This manufacturer was dealing with an aging steam heating system which required frequent repairs and was very costly to operate and maintain. In addition, the maintenance staff had no timely way of knowing when a problem had occurred, causing delays in repair response and impairment of production. Using a BPT team member's recommendations, existing steam equipment was converted to high-efficiency natural-gas heating coupled with easy-to-use digital controls. The new controls enabled instantaneous communication concerning the system's operation and reported on any problem with 17 different pieces of equipment. After this highly successful first phase, a second phase was implemented to gain additional savings.