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When we commission an HVAC system (verify through a rigorous process that it works as it should), our goal is always to make it perform better than new--whether we're working with a brand-new system or one in an existing building.

To do this in an economical, reliable and accurate way, we've created a new commissioning process that draws on our extensive design, construction and troubleshooting experience to expose and correct hidden problems. This process allows us to see each particular test that we run in context within the complete system, increasing understanding, minimizing errors and maximizing results. “When commissioning an existing building (also called re-commissioning or retro-commissioning), we pay particular attention to the realities of the people working there, the equipment and things occupying the physical space, and budget constraints in bringing older systems up to peak performance.

You could even think of us as a modern-day, energy industry version of Sherlock Holmes. Whether we're working on commissioning for a new or existing building, we dive into mountains of hidden evidence to uncover what energy crimes are being committed and by whom. We relish the challenge, and we're proud to say that few cases have ever stumped us.

  • Once your building has been commissioned by BPT and is running well, we can assist you in two ways.
    • Commissioning is often a "snapshot" of operations taken in one season, we can continue the effort as your HVAC system moves through the other seasons to assure that it works well all year 'round.
    • In addition, we can compare performance from year to year to identify whether any of your systems are losing their initial good performance and recommend corrective action to regain the lower operating costs. (The trade term for this is "M&V", Measurement and Verification.)
  • The industry talks about building "Operations and Maintenance"; we think of it as "Optimization and Maintenance".

No commissioning project is complete until the people responsible for day to day operations understand their systems as well as we do, so we also take pride in our training and personal follow up services. We want the improvement to last, and we want you to feel confident in your ability to manage it.

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500,000 sq.ft. Midwest facility for OEM automotive parts supplier
At several sites, this supplier replaced aging steam heating and ventilation systems with new equipment and technology, reducing their energy costs by over 25%. The new system also now provides greatly improved comfort during both winter and summer. The computer-phobic senior manager of these facilities quickly became a fan, and frequent user, of the specially designed digital management system because of it's simplicity and flexibility.