Greater understanding.

The local ASHRAE chapter wanted to do a service project for the Grand Rapids area, and when they asked for volunteers, we couldn't resist! See what we found... 

Throughout our investigation at a local YMCA, we uncovered a number of items, ranging from hidden thermostats to malfunctioning valves and faulty control logic. These totalled to an anuual cost savings of around $15,000, from retro-commissioning alone! 


  • Where did it go?
  • heat pump control valve
  • relocated thermostat
  • problematic 3-way valve
  • look closely...
  • Bathroom Faucets
  • harmlessly open...or not?
  • Shower Piping
  • hot water

Benefits 01

Case Study: 800,000 sq.ft. Midwest facility for major engine manufacturer
This manufacturer was dealing with an aging steam heating system which required frequent repairs and was very costly to operate and maintain. In addition, the maintenance staff had no timely way of knowing when a problem had occurred, causing delays in repair response and impairment of production. Using a BPT team member's recommendations, existing steam equipment was converted to high-efficiency natural-gas heating coupled with easy-to-use digital controls. The new controls enabled instantaneous communication concerning the system's operation and reported on any problem with 17 different pieces of equipment. After this highly successful first phase, a second phase was implemented to gain additional savings.