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Energy Management System

Mission: To empower organizations with holistic strategies for energy management and monitoring.

We are excited to partner with Midwest Energy Group to provide Energy Managment and Monitoring to our customers. We believe that you can't manage what you don't monitor. Click here to learn more about foresight.

brick hit head 300 clr 11524Have you ever been so certain about what was going to happen, you were almost cocky? Your friends at BPT were recently humbled and learned a lot in the process.

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Not too many Accounts Payable people review their electric bill in detail.  Generally, the bills are so detailed that they’re confusing – maybe that’s the intention of the utility.  There are 6-10 different line item charges, and for most of us the description is close to unintelligible.  That probably won’t change anytime soon.


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If you are a football fan like myself, you are probably still confused by what happened in the Cowboys-Packers game 3 Sundays ago. If you didn't watch the game, watch this video.

The world of energy efficiency has become like the Wild West. Customers trying to save time and money are often confused (at best) and deceived (at worst) by fast speaking, too good to be true, improvements. How do you verify to your customer that your recommendations are in their best interest?

calvertlanc 300x254That is where Energy Modeling is a helpful tool to have. Energy Models can provide valuable understanding for potential buyers on the overall impact on their facility of improvements (or doing nothing). 

Jim Dirkes (Energy Model Wizard and ASHRAE Instructor) and Matt Abid (Building Performance Team Business Development Leader) will discuss how to help you gain more business through energy modeling.

I woke up last Monday to see a text from my colleague at some way too early hour of the day saying that he had a flood in his basement. I was later to find out that it wasn’t just water, but “brown” water that had flooded his basement. Talk about a pain and a distraction.


Building owners in the cold weather regions start thinking in the early fall about whether winter will be colder than last winter.  They know that weather affects their energy bills, but aren’t quite sure how much...



Prior to my recent relocation to the beautiful city of Grand Rapids, my wife and I rented a house from her brother. It was a pretty sweet deal, especially for a married couple with aspirations to save up for their own house...



Alright, folks... It's time for part 2!!! Here are the examples we promised in Part 1.  Tell us if any of these come as a surprise to you.  Also, send us your own examples!

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