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Wednesday, 23 November 2016 14:44

Turn Black Friday Green

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Why spend time in this madness for a TV? Why spend time in this madness for a TV? Huffington Post
It is almost time for the biggest shopping day of the year! There are probably some great Black Friday deals out there, but your best deal ever might come from investing in your business. For the life of me, I'll never understand the desire to stand in line at 2am for a new toaster, but to each their own :).  Whether or not you are stimulating the economy this Friday morning, these savings will last and can be a substantial benefits for your business. 
  1. Commission your new buildings. The number one compliment that I hear from building owners is “This doesn't work the way I thought it should”. Maybe we’re pampered  because of all the things in our lives that DO work well right out of the box. We don’t, however, typically buy completely custom things with millions of parts very often - like a new building. When you think about it, it’s amazing that a new building works at all!    Commissioning your new building always helps in one of three ways; 1) An error is found and corrected when it’s easier and cheaper to fix (and before it causes any problems), 2) An opportunity to improve operations becomes apparent and is taken advantage of, or 3) You have peace of mind that your building will function the proper way in the years to come.  All arewins for you! 
  2. Have regular checkups from a pro.  As you know, we stress the importance of using a pro to assist you, so this tip should be no surprise. Everything in our world tends to decay. We must work to maintain our physical health; it doesn't just happen. Your building is the same way. Even if it was commissioned when it was built, or if energy improvements have been made, your building still needs to be routinely checked to discover those hidden problems which ALWAYS sneak in. You visit your doctor or attorney or mechanic because they’re a pro in an area you’re not - do the same for your building.
  3. Have an energy plan. “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time” (Zig Ziglar). It is paramount for business and building owners to set goals for their building’s performance. During your regular check ups, a pro can set and monitor that path for your building. This will allow you to have confidence that your building is not undermining you from within. 
  4. Outsource what you can. There are many great outsourced energy management companies. These companies provide focussed expertise that you may not have or don't have the time to employ, and will relieve you of the worry and work  By outsourcing this important task, you can focus on your business and allow those who are best suited to monitoring your energy to do that. 
Take time this weekend  to enjoy family, friends and food. In a quiet moment, think through the ways your building can become a strong business asset by becoming more efficient as we look towards 2017. 
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