Greater understanding.

Tuesday, 07 June 2016 12:48

Greater Understanding

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Building Performance Team was formed from a constant desire to understand the Truth. Our core mission is to understand the constantly changing energy ecosystem in unique buildings. We don’t want the understanding solely for our own purposes; we want to pass that understanding on to our customers.

BPT's sole product is providing our customer with a Greater Understanding of their facility, their energy usage and how the two are related. This means that we work with a variety of new and existing building owners to tailor a specific solution to fit their needs, budget and long term goals. There are many good opportunities to improve your business from an energy management standpoint, but a great solution needs great understanding. To find that great solution, BPT spends time understanding the buildings, goals and objectives of our customers.Yoda

Only after gaining a Greater Understanding of a customer's unique needs, will BPT make recommendations. Just like Yoda walked alongside Luke Skywalker to become a Jedi, Building Performance Team walks with you to show the path to a great goal. (There are probably no Death Stars to destroy, but we can sure reduce headaches, save energy and maintenance, money and improve operations!)

Greater Understanding isn't just something cool to have on the back of our business cards, it is how we operate our business. Whether it is a conference, webinar, or meeting with top energy efficiency experts, BPT begins with gaining a Greater Understanding of the energy efficiency landscape. Then, with the heart of a teacher, we work with current and future customers, to pass along this information in the most relevant way possible.

We’re always looking for people with whom we can take this journey to gain Greater Understanding along the way.

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