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Friday, 19 December 2014 11:52

Hiring a Pro

Written by Matt Abid
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I woke up last Monday to see a text from my colleague at some way too early hour of the day saying that he had a flood in his basement. I was later to find out that it wasn’t just water, but “brown” water that had flooded his basement. Talk about a pain and a distraction.


water-damage-article2At that point, I knew our 9 o’clock meeting was going to be tentative at best. When I stopped by his house, I saw a plumber’s truck and then 2 flood damage repair trucks pulling into the driveway as well. I asked my colleague how things were going and what he needed. He said things were going well. My colleague was actually able to focus on our meeting, because people were taking care of the flood and clean up.

I returned to the office later that same evening to find the plumber had left and the “flow” was correct. The flood repair team was still onsite and working to make sure the whole cleanup was done. They had plenty of fans and blowers to make sure the basement was drying. 

As I drove away from my colleague’s home, it dawned on me the power of hiring a professional. Here are just a few of my takeaway points:

1. Hiring an professional let my colleague do what he had to-
 This included calling his insurance company, planning with his wife on how to fix the situation, and getting some work done. He could have given up his whole day and saved money, but he  wouldn’t have been able to the things that only he can do.

2. The professional has the right tools-
 My colleague could have called the church folk and gotten help and fans, and that would have saved him money, but would it have been the best tools? Would they have been able to stay  till late in the evening to make sure the job was done? Is the quality of tools the church would have had the same as the professionals? Chances are no. The professionals have the right tools  for the job and are committed to finishing the job. In addition, the pros use those tools every day and probably have tools that he wouldn’t have thought of using.

3. The professional does this for a living-
 Sometimes I start a job that I think I can do, only to find out that I can’t do it. My colleague could have tried the cleanup process (including mold abatement), but would he have had the insight that the professionals have from doing this all day, every day? No probably not. 

Many times there comes down a question of what is the cost investment. I have heard stories of plumbers, mechanics and electricians that purchase a multi-thousand dollar tool for only a few jobs. I wouldn’t want my plumber to skimp on the investment of a drain snake when I most needed him to have it. Yet, I skimp when it comes time to hire a professional. I question if I really want to spend the money for all the gadgets the plumber or electrician have, knowing full well it is worth the investment.

My colleague’s unfortunate flood gave me great perspective on using professionals to do the jobs they are best at. Many times I hear people saying they are going to do jobs by themselves and now I think: “Who do you want cleaning up the brown water”?

For me, I want the professional.


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